Buzz cuts. What kind of a grown man has a buzz cut?

Coach Butch Jones does. And does that make him a better coach? Yes. Yes, it does.

Coach Butch Jones does not have the hair of Dooley. He doesn't have the southern drawl.

He doesn't have the youth of Lane Kiffin.

He doesn't have the Tennessee ties of Phil Fulmer.

He has a buzz cut. He has a winning record. And before a Coach Butch Jones' team ever takes the field, he has orange clad results.

Recruits are taking notice. They see the buzz. They see the system. They know far better then we in the digital world that Butch Jones and Co. are the real deal.

This is a coach who is bringing something back to Tennessee that we forgot about. Hard work.

Yes, like the lazy, slovenly, hopeless human that stands in line and waits for their check, Tennessee has become entitled. Because we are Tennessee. Because we have the power T on our helmets, we should win.

Well those walls have already fallen apart. The fact is, complacency and entitlement is what made Tennessee the Vanderbilt of it's own state. But it's over.

CBJ is like us. He may not have the drawl, but he has the mentality. He is the man who Volunteered to go into the coal mine after it's collapse. When others have fled the sight of the heap, Butch Jones waited for someone to ask. And thank God we did. 

He's not waiting for a paycheck, he's earning it. This is the beginning. Let us rejoice.

We will not expect to win. We will earn our victories and ensure our opponents earn theirs.